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Funny bentley advert

Funny bentley advert

Volkswagen - 'Baby Television Advert' This ad follows the story of a father driving his baby around at night trying to get him to sleep. Thanks for putting it together. The archetypal ute-driving Ozzie males are shown undertaking a series of extreme challenges from pulling a rubber sheep from a high voltage fence to eating a red hot motorway service station pie without flinching. Tuesday, November 4, at 9: The R8's V10 engine produces a raucous and undiluted engine note. You squeezed out a tiny glob of the stuff, rolled it into a tiny ball, and then plopped it onto the end of a plastic straw, which was included. Then you blew into the straw to create a multi-colored sphere that was more durable than a soap bubble, but a bit more fragile than a traditional balloon.

Funny bentley advert

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Bentley Mulsanne - Be Driven

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