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Funny legal depositions

Funny legal depositions

This should help guard against the later appearance of a document not previously produced. No one can gain experience working in everything; there just isn't that kind of time "jack of all trades, master of none". For example, some think the sum total of a custody case is something called "the psychological best interests of the child" [12] which aside from not being the custody decision-making standard in any state of the United States, is itself an undefined concept; others have opined that they are 'the child's voice" [13a] or the "eyes and ears" of the judge [13b] ; and others behave as if rather than being just another witness in a case, they are tantamount to being the de facto judge the court, by calling them in, presumably having admitted to incompetence beyond uttering administrative orders for their benefit at the parties' expense, and handling case minutiae. The evaluators' unworkable recommendations including joint custody made a mess of the case, and ultimately led to legal and physical custody being taken from the mother, a nurse who was the children's historical primary caregiver, and given to their physician father. The Emperor has no clothes. But they are symptoms. Trump claimed he learned about the deal in January , about the time of the groundbreaking and more than three years before he filed suit.

Funny legal depositions

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Best Deposition Question (and Answer) Ever

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