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Fidler and frame funeral home website

Fidler and frame funeral home website

Maurice has owned this car for many years and was at one point converting it to run on gas! Besides his widow and children he leaves one sister, Mrs. As the note in the VSCC Newsletter states, this move will also hopefully allow younger enthusiasts to get on the bottom rung of the competitive ladder. Every spring, the FBHVC organizes a Drive it Day which gives owners the opportunity to showcase their cars to the general public, to generate great PR for us all and of course it also offers a great excuse to dust of our cars and perhaps take them for their first run of the year, very probably to the pub! He was a World War Two Hurricane pilot who donated the last dozen copies of his wartime memoirs to the Register to help fund the display by Peter Vacher's Hawker Hurricane at Prescott in We are actively helping him with his search!

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Welcome to Smith's Funeral Homes

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Fidler and frame funeral home website

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